Help using the inspection data summary report service

A report is available, but you cannot access it

If other people in your organisation can access an IDSR, but you cannot, please refer to the DfE Sign-in approver for your organisation. They will be able to grant you access so you can view the IDSR for the provider.

DfE Sign-In website page for users to access their services. A blue arrow points to a link labelled See approvers at an organisation

You can see the provider, but no report is available

It may be that the IDSR is still pending for this provider and will be available shortly. If the provider is listed as 'Limited data' in Analyse School Performance (ASP), it is likely that the school recently opened or changed school type during the academic year being reported. If applicable, please check the previous record for the IDSR as this is likely to contain the performance data. If you are sure the IDSR should be available, please contact the IDSR team: .

The link in ASP is not working

If you are seeing an error message when you try to view the IDSR for an open provider, then in the first instance you need to speak to your DfE Sign-in approver and make sure the provider is showing on your available list of providers.

The ability to view an IDSR for a given provider is controlled by the access granted by your DfE Sign-in account. The relationship between providers and governing organisations is taken from Get Information About Schools (GIAS). Each governing organisation has one or more approvers who can check your DfE Sign-in account and grant you appropriate access.

You cannot find a historic IDSR

The historic IDSRs were removed from ASP on Thursday 21 November 2019. Providers, local authorities, the DfE and Ofsted no longer have access to historic IDSRs.

Historic IDSRs hold data that are no longer relevant since the introduction of the 2019 education inspection framework. Consequently, inspectors will not look at historic IDSRs. Relevant historic data is included in the current IDSR as trend data.

Understanding reports

You may be able to resolve your query by looking at our online IDSR guidance pages, which include explanations for topics such as areas of interest, quintile calculations, and many others. If you have questions the guidance does not resolve, please contact .

Other difficulties

If you are having any other difficulties with access or use, please contact .

Contact the IDSR service

For any questions or issues concerning the Ofsted IDSR service and the data within that are not resolved by this help page or the IDSR guidance , please contact Ofsted as follows: . In every email, please state your URN or LAESTAB and give as much detail as possible.

Contact the DfE Sign-in service

The approver for your organisation is usually responsible for resolving Sign-in problems. If you do not know your DfE Sign-in approver, or they are unable to perform their duties, or you have some other issue concerning the sign in service, please refer to the DfE Sign-in service help.